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I’d like to express sincere thank you to Albert Stimer for outstanding service in completing sale of our property.

I can honestly say that he managed to turn situation from a “nightmare” into the most positive experience.

Our house was listed for sale with a different agent for over five months. We only had one showing and the same couple submitted the offer on our property. We have accepted the offer and closing was scheduled to be a month after we had signed that contract. To make a long story short, we have gone through so many weird requests by the buyer (such as to be completely out of the house 3 days prior to closing, so that they can walk through again to make sure everything is perfect….) it was a bit odd, but our agent at the time was saying that was normal.

So we have moved 4 days prior to closing. The closing did not go through due to our agent failing to do his job properly. We got stuck with mortgage plus the new place we rented….pure nightmare. To make matter worse our agent acted like it was ok, it happens, we will just wait for another buyer….Seriously?!….Another 5 or more months…

That’s when we contacted Albert Stimer, who has helped us once before. He literally said: “I will sale this property in a month”. We did everything as told, and sure enough, the offers started coming in Albert Stimer showed and proved truly his professionalism in real estate field. First week after our house was back on market we had over dozen showings and beginning of second week we already received not one but multiple offers on our house.

We knew we were in good hands. Albert was with us every step moving towards the closing date, he truly and honestly represent his clients, and your concerns are his concerns. We were not treated as a number or just some random client we were treated like a family. He was always giving us most recent updates, answering his phone, emails and showed incredible patients and understanding for any of our question or concerns. We sold our house in incredible short period of time and without any false promises or information. Albert Stimer. is the best real estate agent regardless are you buying or selling house.

We will recommend Albert Stimer. and his team to everybody. He will not disappoint you, and for sure he will exceed yours expectations.

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