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Welcome to the Albert Stimer Team web site ! Years of Florida real estate expertise is what I have on offer for my clientele. I am a recognized broker in Florida and am known for my extensive knowledge and professionalism with every issue pertaining to short sale, foreclosure, as well as any other real estate investments all over the fabulous state of Florida.

This is What I Do.
I specialize in the brokerage and negotiation of distresses properties all over the state of Florida including Orlando and Miami. An integral part of Towns Realty, I am the man to call if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Florida. Having an in-depth knowledge of the Florida real estate scenario, I understand your need for a quick yet profitable home buying/selling in the current economic situation. I bring a striking deal of expertise, experience, and honesty to the table and will work hard and diligently in order to achieve the goals that you set. I have conducted hundreds of short sales in the state of Florida and am well versed with every ebb and flow of the real estate market situation and even cater to international clients.

Timing is Everything.
Having been recognized for my work, as a realtor I will listen to what you need and offer you the best of what I have. You can rest assured that your every real estate problem is mine. Dream big! I can and will help you achieve the maximum possible benefit! In the foreclosure mess that we are in, this is the time to buy. This is a buyer’s market like there never has been before. The real estate deals now that are on the market are extraordinary. Imagine buying a house or any type of property for as much as 70% discount? This is what is on the table.
I am a staunch believer in the fact that there is no substitute for hard and smart work. My technical ability, diligence, and integrity are at your beck and call. You will be privy to the truth at all times and I will do my best to respond with clarity in regards to any question or doubt that you may have. Short sales are no longer a new idea and in my career I have reached the optimum formula of ensuring a highly successful short sale that benefits all involved. Make use of my expertise for your gain! After all, this is what I am here for

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Even though I am a novice is this arena of short sales and the like of the reality world, I would swear that you wrote the book in this field when it … [Read More...]

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